Étiquette : Energy Transition

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Saving energy with big data

By using a cloud-based application for efficient energy management codeveloped with Siemens, Spanish automotive supplier Gestamp didn’t just reduce its energy consumption by 15 percent in a very short time – it has also moved closer to a future of sustainable “connected” plants with Industry 4.0 solutions. Source : https://new.siemens.com/global/en/company/stories/industry/energy-efficiency-excelling-with-800-million-data-points.html Date :…

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Urban self-sufficiency: how rooftops could contribute to cities’ energy, food and water demands, Spain

A recent study helps city planners find the greenest and most effective way of producing renewable energy, crops and water on rooftops. The researchers developed a method for analysing the performance and environmental impacts of different combinations of rooftop rainwater-harvesting-, energy- and food systems. It could aid efforts to promote…

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New discipline proposed: Macro-energy systems

What types of electricity storage could have the biggest impact globally for a low-carbon energy future? Can humanity simultaneously de-carbonize energy and extend heat, lighting and transportation to more than a billion people now living with without modern energy services? Source : https://energy.stanford.edu/news/new-discipline-proposed-science-energy-transition-macro-energy-systems Date : August 18, 2019 at 12:03PM…