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Data Sources

Abstract This chapter is devoted to the overview of the data fundamentals as regards data models and sources accompanied by geomatics, remote sensing, and economy. Description of such data sources is complemented with the basics from respective disciplines to provide a thematic context to the reader. The chapter starts with…

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A Dashboard for the Unexpected: Open Data for Real-Time Disaster Response

Abstract Real-time Open Data and the ability to create dashboards that aggregate multiple data feeds hold great potential as we adapt and respond to extreme weather events such as cyclones, earthquakes and bushfires. In this chapter, we present a tactical dashboard assembled to provide real-time information to citizens being impacted…

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Homelessness and Open City Data: Addressing a Global Challenge

Abstract Homelessness is a global issue that continues to affect the developed and developing world. The absence of comprehensive data collection and measurement of homelessness has led to a general lack of understanding of the global homeless. Improving our knowledge of homelessness requires information that reflects the reality of homelessness…

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Extending organizational capabilities with Open Data to support sustainable and dynamic business ecosystems

Abstract Open Data (OD) is data available in a machine-readable format and without restrictions on the permissions for using or distributing it. OD may include textual artifacts, images, maps, video content, and other. The data can be published and maintained by different entities, both public and private. Despite its power…